Friday, October 18, 2013

Experimenting again....

I've been experimenting again - well I am a scientist by training so that is hardly surprising.  I mentioned in the Autumn Design Challenge that I've been trying out some Pebeo paints and mixing those with resin.  The paints are lovely.....completely unpredictable but you get some gorgeous honeycomb-like effects, which develop over an hour or so.  It is fun to watch how the colours mix and interact.  Here are a few examples......

....and here is one made up into a necklace.....


  1. I love the "honeycomb" effect but once you mentioned science I thought of something beautiful growing in a petri dish. That didn't quite come out right. It's the organic look and the beautiful colors that I love! Nice work.

  2. I agree - there is something very organic about this effect. It definitely reminds me of something you might see looking down a microscope! Glad you like it!!