Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The ‘What came first’ Necklace

I spotted some quail’s eggs in the supermarket.  They did make a nice little snack but really I bought them because they were so pretty and I wanted to see if I could use them in jewellery. 

I have strengthened the egg with resin so it is a lot stronger than it looks but I do like the apparent fragility of the necklace.  I have some dyed howlite bird beads and these seemed a good match so I’ve included one of these in the necklace together with some seed beads. 

What came first; the quail or the egg?  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bluebell Woods

My lunchtime ritual is to go for a walk in the woods near where I work.  My job is desk-based and I could easily spend the entire day sitting down if I didn't do this.  I haven't been able to walk for a while though after injuring my ankle in spectacular fashion in February.  However, today I went for a walk in 'my' woods.  This was under orders from my physiotherapist who thought that the uneven ground would 'stress my foot' (which is a good thing apparently!).  It was perfect timing - the bluebells are out and the scent was amazing.  

These walks are important to me - particularly when I'm thinking up a jewellery design - so it was great to get out there again.  I’m not one of those people that can sit down with a piece of paper and come up with a design.  I just go for a walk in the woods and an idea pops into my head - or not as the case may be, but at least I’ve had some fresh air!!  

I have been busy making things but I seem to be using a scatter-gun approach at the moment - I've started lots of things and, consequently, haven't finished anything!  Hopefully my walk will clear my head and I'll have lots to show you in the next few weeks.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Eat, Drink and be Merry

I haven’t shown you any of my thrown pots for a while.  I’ve been throwing a new shape (for me at least) on the wheel – a goblet/chalice shape.  Each one is coming out slightly differently as my hands learn how to throw this shape.   They seem to be getting bigger and bigger though – it will be a very merry night if you drink from some of the more recent ones!   Or perhaps they could be egg cups if you like Ostrich eggs for breakfast!!