Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boot Camp - hoops

It is time for Boot Camp again - and this time it is all about hoops.  I don't know about you but when I think hoops, I automatically think earrings.  But I have a confession for you - I make jewellery but I don't have pierced ears.  People have looked at me incredulously about this for a while now but I've just never fancied having them done - plus I'm a bit of a baby about pain!!  I decided to make a pendant instead.

I made three silver hoops and textured two with different hammers and left one untextured.  Then I soldered them all together at the top.  While digging around in my scrap silver pot I came up with a perfect curled piece of silver that I'd chopped off a bezel I was making.  I soldered that at the top together with a silver ball (love making those!).  I also made a toggle clasp and then pulled everything together with some prehnite beads and a few black tourmaline rough stones.

I hope that you like the necklace.  Please go and have a look at everyone else's take on hoops - there is sure to be some interesting and inspiring work on show.


  1. I really like your design! A beautiful necklace ;)

  2. Love those textured hoops! The prehnite is such a lovely fresh colour too:)

  3. its wonderful- and I love that you used some scraps for it too- you'd never know by looking at it. I often find perfect little pieces in my scrap bin too! thanks for hopping with us!

    1. Thanks Staci. I really enjoy Boot Camp - thanks to you and the fellow Love My Art jewellers for organising it.


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