Thursday, August 29, 2013


When I was little I was a big fan of pressing flowers.  My Dad recently showed me a pressed flower bookmark that I'd made him for Father's Day when I was 7 or 8.  A relative made me the flower press - I still have it - but I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten who it was.  They also made a Fort for my brothers.  

UPDATE!  Ooops it turns out that my Mum designed my flower press and my Dad made it for me.  My Dad's Uncle Albert did indeed make the Fort for my brothers but he made me a doll's house.  It obviously got mixed up in my mind over the years!  Sorry Mum and Dad!!

The Hydrangea bush in my garden is looking great this year so I thought that I'd go back to my old habit of pressing flowers.  Once they were pressed, I encased them in resin and made one into a light, simple necklace.  I think I might try doing this again......

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