Monday, August 20, 2012


This weekend, I was looking back at some of the things I made when I was first starting to work with silver.  It is always interesting to look back sometimes – reflecting on the things that seemed so challenging at the time and which are now second nature. 

This is the first thing I ever made in silver.

(Sterling Silver)

Actually, I had a broken finger when I made this ring.  I’d signed up for the class and was excited about it so I still went along even though my arm was in a sling!  Not ideal circumstances to learn silversmithing but I thought I could at least watch what was happening in the class.  But to her credit Adele, my teacher, took it all in her stride and said she thought I could still make something.  She had me make this ring – helping out when two hands were required! 

This is the first stone that I set.  I still wear this pendant because I like the shape of it and the stone (Azurite) is lovely. 

(Sterling Silver and Azurite)

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