Thursday, March 13, 2014

The soup is cooking

I'm part of the bead soup blog party again this year - and this time I have been partnered up with the very talented Marcia Dunne.  Please go and have a look at her work - she is seriously talented and has just been published in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.  Very impressive - congrats to her for that!  

Here is what she sent me......

Marcia said that she had a good stash of artisan beads and she wasn't kidding.  She has sent beads from a few different bead artists - Happy Fish, Scorched Earth, Blueberri beads, as well as her own shop - some of whom I haven't come across before.  I'm going to enjoy looking up these shops and discovering new artists - part of the fun of this blog party.  I'm very happy with my bead soup - thanks Marcia! - I've got a few ideas already.  Please come back and see what I come up with on reveal day - May 3rd.  

Thanks to Lori Anderson for organising this blog party - especially when she is so sick.  It is a serious feat of planning and organisation.  She has nearly 500 of us to wrangle for this party - must be like herding cats!  Thanks Lori - get better soon. 


  1. So glad you love my soup. I'm thrilled with the soup you sent and Iove the colours.

    1. Thanks Marcia - yes I do love the soup. Glad you like what I sent - can't wait to see what you make!