Tuesday, September 24, 2013


My friend Denise makes the most amazing Georgian dresses.  Actually she does all sorts of creative things - bookbinding, wood-carving, jewellery-making.......  She really liked a necklace that I made for boot camp so we decided to swap - I'd make her a necklace and she would make me a Jane Austen-style dress.  We both recently went to Bath for the Jane Austen festival so my new dress got its first outing then....

It was a rather wonderful experience parading through Bath in my dress....and also a little disconcerting every time I looked round someone was taking my photograph!

For my side of the swap, I swiftly got coiling and this is the necklace that I made for Denise......

If you want to see more of Denise's fabulous dresses (plus lots of other things) please go and have a look at her website -

And if you want to see more of us at the Jane Austen festival go and have a look this film made by my friend Janine of Gorgeous Media......what talented friends I have!!  


  1. Your coiled necklace and Denise's dress are very pretty. You look fabulous in the dress...that's why all the pictures. Have a great day!