Monday, July 2, 2012

Craft Fair

Exciting news……I did my first craft fair at the weekend!  It was organised for students of the college where I take a class.  It was a little bit daunting but totally thrilling at the same time.  Here’s how my table looked….

Jewellery making and working with clay has been my hobby for some time now.  I beaver away at college or at my kitchen table - and of course friends and family have seen the results (and received these whether they wanted to or not!!) - but it was quite a big step to take my work out for other people to see.  It was great to speak to them about my work - and it was a total delight to find how interested they were in it.  So I have a decision to make – should I keep this as a hobby or take it a step further? 

Thank you so much to all the lovely people I met at the fair – I really appreciated all the kind and encouraging comments, they really meant a lot to me.  

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