Friday, June 29, 2012

All tied up...

I've been busy making some of my porcelain disks into jewellery using macramé.  I really enjoy macramé - it is time-consuming but I find it very soothing.  I've been using C-Lon thread which comes in some amazing colours.  

First up, some of the disks knotted with a twisting macramé knot (I love this knot, so delicate and pretty) together with some semi-precious gemstones (including some watermelon jasper which looks good enough to eat!)...

Porcelain, macramé and semi-precious gemstones

and next, some of the disks knotted up with some interesting (great colours and shapes) glass beads that I found....

Porcelain, macramé and glass beads

I've also been making bracelets, I'll blog about them next time.

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